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Artful Coding @ Angewandte

Web-based games development 2


Here you find all relevant information on the Artful Coding: web-based games development 2 course that takes place in summer term 2022 at dieAngewandte.

This page is intended to provide you all necessary links throughout the course as well as some background information on how the course is created. It also contains one of the Phaser 3 based game prototypes, you will work on throughout this course.

You will find below the links to all session materials, as well as some contact options to the lecturer. For the detailed announcment, including infos on registration, requirements and the grading schema, check out the Artful Coding: web-based games development 2 in the teaching base.

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Basics from Artful Coding 1

While there is no formal requirement to participate in this course, we build on the Javascript coding and web development skills tought in the precursor course Artful Coding: web-based games development 1. Visit its website to check out what we did and get up to speed, in case you need a refresher on those basics. All content, including session recordings from last semester can be found there.

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The first half of the semester consists of weekly 1.5 hour sessions, which focus on introduction to concepts, tools, and practices, consolidated with accompanying exercises.

The second half consists of biweekly 3 hour blocks, focusing on concept work and team formation for your own games, and implementation of a game prototype.

For the details on all the session content, including the exercises, take a look at the Artful Coding 2 - Session Plans document at hackmd.io, which will be updated alongside with the course.

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References & Tools

There is an extensive reference section on the Artful Coding 1 site. Check it out for anything you need in terms of general web dev support and resources.

Here we'll only collect specific material on the HTML5 canvas and Phaser 3, which come up throught this course:

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